Palestinians Missing Saddam and His Fat Checks for Terror

“President Saddam Hussein has recently told the head of the Palestinian political office, Faroq al-Kaddoumi, his decision to raise the sum granted to each family of the martyrs of the Palestinian uprising to $25,000 instead of $10,000.”

Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz
Announced at a Baghdad meeting of Arab politicians and businessmen
March 11, 2002

Is it any real surprise then, that the Palestinians would be upset with the demise of the dictator?

Palestinians carry a mock coffin for late former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein during a symbolic funeral in the village of Beit Forik near the West Bank city of Nablus December 31, 2006. (Abed Omar Qusini/Reuters)
Charles Johnson has more Palestinian reaction to yesterday’s news.

Here is a smidgen more on Saddam’s links to terror that is often overlooked by our media and those on the Left…


The following information is from the Saddam and Terror website:

Usama Muhammad Id Bahr and Nabil Mahmud Jamil Halbiyyah blew themselves up in Jerusalem’s Zion Square on December 1, 2001. Before setting off to “martyrdom,” they also left a car bomb set on a timer two blocks away. It exploded just as rescue workers and emergency personnel arrived on the scene. Here again, the physical damage was extensive, but largely reparable. Alas, the human toll was far more severe, what with 11 deaths and 188 injuries. A secondary car bomb explodes, left behind by terrorists who blew themselves up in Zion Square moments earlier. The deceased were all between ages 14 and 21. They were out for a night of fun after the end of Sabbath.

Victims of the December 1, 2001 Zion Square terrorist bombing

The only people who benefitted from this barbarism were the relatives of these two bombers who received President Saddam Hussein Grants here, as well.

The following document, captured by the Israeli military in Ramallah, shows a list of Iraqi-subsidized homicide bombers and their atrocities. It mentions the name of Raghib Ahmad Izat Jarradat.

On April 10, 2002, Izat Jarradat boarded a crowded bus strapped with explosives. As the bus approached the busy Yagur junction near Haifa, he blew himself up. Here is his handiwork. This vulgarity killed eight Israelis and wounded 15 others.

A demolished bus, surrounded by victims of an April 10, 2002 terrorist blast at Yagur Junction.

Is it any wonder then, that Palestinian terror factions were upset with the overthrow, arrest, conviction and execution of Saddam Hussein?

Hussein and Terror has much more on Saddam’s links to terror and a few choice liberal lines.

Jawa Report notes others missing Saddam.

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