Pakistani Christians On Alert Due to Lingering Cartoon Animosity

Sometimes it’s just hard to forgive, forget and move on…

The “man with his donkey” cartoon still insults in Pakistan.

The Daily Times is reporting on this Christmas Eve morning:

ISLAMABAD: The law enforcement agencies in all four provinces and the Islamabad district administration have tightened security ahead of Christmas after reports that militants could create trouble on the occasion of the Christian holy festival.

“Although followers of various religions in Pakistan, especially Muslims and Christians, have no rivalry or enmity, but some miscreants could exploit the occasion,” sources said, quoting recent intelligence reports submitted to the Interior Ministry.

The sources said that some disgruntled elements could avenge the publication of Prophet Muhammad’s (Peace Be Upon Him) caricatures in several Western newspapers, “desecration” of the holy Quran by some Christians in Pakistan and the killings of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq by US-led forces. Local Christians and foreign diplomats in Pakistan could be targeted. The intelligence reports submitted to the Interior Ministry pressed for the provision of foolproof security to foreign diplomats, particularly those from European countries, Christian missionaries and non-government organisations.

The Pakistani government did announce that there may be some good news for Christians regarding the blasphemy laws coming this Christmas. The laws targeting minorities, may be reviewed and possibly amended including the ones that they consider discriminatory.

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