Muslims Demand Worship Rights at Cordoba Cathedral

Pillars in the Cathedral-Mosque in Cordoba, Spain.

Muslims have written the pope to request the right to pray in Cordoba Catholic Cathedral in Spain.
Aljazeera reports:

Spanish Muslims have written to the Vatican to demand the right to worship at Cordoba Cathedral.

Spain’s Islamic Board wrote to Pope Benedict XVI on Tuesday, calling on him to grant them permission to worship in the cathedral, parts of which were built as a mosque during Spain’s period of Islamic rule.

The group said in their letter: “What we wanted was not to take over that holy place, but to create in it, together with you and other faiths, an ecumenical space unique in the world which would have been of great significance in bringing peace to humanity.”

They said that senior Spanish Catholic clergy had earlier rejected requests for Muslims to be allowed to prostrate themselves inside the Cathedral.

Mansur Escudero, the board’s secretary general, said security guards often stop Muslim worshipers from praying at the old mosque.

Maybe the pope could offer a swap- Cordoba Cathedral for the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul?


It would only be fitting if the Pope sent his reply on this postcard from Mecca…

…Whatever he decides.
Hat Tip Or Does It Explode

Dhimmi Watch reported on a similar Muslim request back in May 2004.

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