Man Torches Self, Christmas Tree and US Flag in Protest!

He was upset they changed the name of “Winter break” to “Christmas break.”
And so to cover all the bases, the man torched himself, a Christmas tree and the American flag in protest.

Bakersfield KGET has the video HERE.

The man survived the torching wish slight burns. But, the Christmas tree and the flag left on his neck were not so lucky. It looks like the fire extinguisher got him pretty good.

KGET reports on the bizarre Christmas tree torching protest that about killed the Bakersfield anti-Christmas fanatic:

BAKERSFIELD – Witnesses said a man set himself and a Christmas tree on fire in front of the County Courthouse before courthouse worker a deputy were able to put out the flames with a blanket and fire extinguishers.
The man carried a sign that read “Expletive religious freedom and the silent KHSD.”

The last reference, possibly to the Kern High School District’s decision Thursday to change the name of winter and spring break to Christmas and Easter break.

Witnesses said the man wrapped himself in an American flag and set himself on fire.

The Christmas tree was burnt to a crisp.

FOX News has more on the crispy protest.
AllahPundit has more pictures.

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