Iranian Ambassador Meets With Druse Hezbollah Supporter

Iran is meeting with (its) Hezbollah supporters in Lebanon this week…

The officials agreed that the enemies of Lebanon (US and the West) are the ones causing discord among the Lebanese sects.

The Iranian News Service is reporting that its ambassador met with Hezbollah Lebanese Democratic Party Leader, Talal Arsalan (pictured above) a Druse, to discuss support support and Iran’s role:

Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Mohammad Reza Sheybani and head of Lebanese Democratic Party Talal Arsalan, who is one of the renowned personalities of the “March 8” political group in Lebanon, discussed issues of mutual interest here on Monday.

In the meeting, Sheybani said, Lebanese nation and officials by relying on national unity and continuation of dialogue can solve their problems and eliminate the current political crises.

He added in this concern Iran, as in the past, is ready to present help to strengthen Lebanese national unity and to solve its current problems.

The Lebanese politician, for his part, said the aim of Lebanon’s enemies (US and the West) is to cause division among religions and to create discord among Lebanese sects.

He described Iran’s role in the Middle East developments “Important, positive and effective” and added this role can create balance and stability in the region.

Winston says the Iranian regime is having a hard time hiding its joy over the developments in Lebanon.

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