Iran and Syria: From Peace Consultants to Chaos Creators

Their input was invaluable to the Iraq Study Group. They can talk a good game when they want to. You’d almost think that they are really not thug regimes after all… Until you see their Holocaust Denial Conventions and hear them at Friday prayers vowing to wipe Israel off the map.

Here is a collection of news from today on the chaos the Iranian and Syrian regimes are creating in the Middle East:

There was another amazing post at From Beirut to the Beltway by Abu Kais (Via Glenn Reynolds) on what to expect on Sunday in Beirut:


Assad regime to kill Berri if he convenes parliament

The Assad regime is in a hurry. Nasrallah hasn’t been able to deliver quickly enough. The Grand Serail is a fortress, and the Lebanese street is slowly turning against the protestors, who don’t even have safe passage back to their homes now. The orders from the Dark Lord’s council are to pack more people in downtown Beirut, and as soon as possible. The plan to occupy or lay siege to the Rafik Hariri International airport seems to be in full swing, although the Lebanese army will reportedly not allow it.

What’s the hurry for?

This Sunday, the 15-day time limit for Lahoud to sign the Hariri tribunal plan expires. As of Monday, the cabinet can constitutionally send it to parliament for endorsement. . . . Pretty soon, there will be no one left to remind Nasrallah’s worshippers of all these crimes. Not when Assad is allowed to complete the plan to assassinate anyone who speaks, let alone protests, against Hizbullah’s second favorite regime.

SOS Iran forwarded this comment today on the Iraq Study Group:

ISG Chairman James Baker, a foolish man, looked Congress in the eye on Thursday and explained his master plan. Did it seem foolish to propose negotiations with Iran, our relentless enemy? Sure. But, the “realist” doyen puttered, if we invite them to negotiate about Iraq’s future, and they demur, why, we’ll expose their intransigence for all the world to see.

Right. They slaughter and abet the slaughter of our marines, our airmen, our sailors, William Buckley, Robert Stethem, William Higgins, and countless others. They tell us their defining goal is a world without America, a world in which our allies are wiped from the face of the earth. But, at long last, we’ll know who they really are … if they don’t show up for a meeting.

Blue-ribbon panels can afford such juvenilia. They are, after all, unaccountable. What’s the administration’s excuse?

What makes a superpower super is power. If we don’t use it, what’s left? Iran believes they will destroy us and acts on that conviction every day. We … seek negotiations.

I’m not a hugger, but I hugged my four-year-old son as I wrote this. We abdicate now. We turn a blind eye as our implacable, insatiable enemies pick off our best and our bravest. We shrink from the duty a quarter century of mayhem imposes. We don’t have the will.

And, Reform Party of Syria forwarded this editorial from the the Washington Times this week on two countries formerly members of the Axis of Evil and currently Mideast peace consultants:

“Alamo in the Mideast”

As they lay siege to one of the last bastions of democracy in Beirut, agents of the Syrian and Iranian governments and their principle cohort, Hezbollah, are assiduously moving forward joint strategic designs that intend to kill as many Americans as possible while smothering much of the region in a darker hue of repression.

The extent of the Syrian and Iranian ascendancy for the security of the West and the region are chilling. The press quoted senior U.S. intelligence officials for the first time last week detailing the long hand that Syria and Iran play in conjunction with radical proxies in fermenting terror and mayhem from Beirut to Baghdad. Officials described how Iranian Revolutionary Guards worked in tandem with Syrian military intelligence to facilitate the travel and training of radical Iraqi Shi’ite militants connected to Moqtada al-Sadr — whose Jaysh al Mahdi militants continue to kill American soldiers armed with Iranian weaponry and Hezbollah training — in advanced Hezbollah-run training camps nestled in one of the world’s last free-trade zones of terror, the Beka’a Valley on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

It was reported that senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Ghasem Soleimani and Hezbollah super terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, widely credited in planning the Marine barracks bombing in 1983, regularly conferred in Damascus with Bashar Assad’s point man on Lebanese, Iraqi and Iranian affairs and former head of Syrian intelligence, Muhammad Nasif Khayr-Bayk — an “old guard” member of the late elder Assad’s inner circle who now carries the title adviser to Vice President Farouk al-Shara to overlook any suspicion to his real role.

Messrs. Mughniyeh and Soleimani are deadly both in their single-minded focus in killing Americans and their skill and cunning in doing so. Mr. Khayr-Bayk is considered the ruthless brains of the regime and the principle architect of Syria’s dual support to both Sunni and Shi’ite extremists. His fingerprint can be found everywhere, from coordinating with the virulent Sunni head of the al Qaeda-supporting Association of Muslim Scholars Harith al-Dhari to regularly conferring with ranking former Iraqi Ba’athists Fawzi al-Rawi and Izzat al-Duri as they plan joint Islamist-Ba’athist terror operations in Iraq out of Damascus.

More Here.
Good luck to those who want to sit and talk with these regimes.

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