If Ever You Needed Proof of American Leftist Insanity- Look Now!

There is an enemy in America- Powerful -Shrill- Self-Hating – It has never been more obvious, it has never been more open… than it is today- mourning Saddam!

It is not a fringe element.
It is not a minority.
It is the voice of today’s American Left.

The evil mass-murdering Saddam Hussein was hung today and the American left mourns… Their America-hating sickness has never been more glaring.

This video image released by Iraqi state television shows Saddam Hussein’s guards wearing ski masks and placing a noose around the deposed leader’s neck moments before his execution Saturday Dec. 30. 2006. Clutching a Quran and refusing a hood, Saddam Hussein went to the gallows before sunrise Saturday, executed by vengeful countrymen after a quarter-century of remorseless brutality that killed countless thousands and led Iraq into disastrous wars against the United States and Iran. (AP Photo/IRAQI TV, HO)

Crooks and Liars…
The Farce Goes On

Patriotism, apparently, demands that we celebrate Saddam’s death, even though he’d been stripped of his power and has been pretty much irrelevant for some time, and even though it’s unlikely his death will change a damn thing.”

Unqualifed Offerings…
Any Man’s Death?

American Street…
Some Guy Who’s Not Osama Bin Laden Was Hanged Tonight

The Huffington Post…
There Is No Victory in Saddam’s Execution

Another from the premier Leftist website- Huffington Post…
WELL HUNG! Saddam Hung To Prove Bush is BETTER Hung… (Than His Dad)

This is from “Bay Area Houston” blogger and friend to Congressman-Elect Nick Lampson
We Got him
(Hat Tip Greg)

And, this from the premier democratic magazine The Nation
A Show Trial and a Show Execution
(Via Dinocrat)

The Butcher of Baghdad who murdered and tortured and raped hundreds of thousands of Iraqis is dead today and the left is Upset(?)

Don’t ever allow a Leftist to lecture you on human rights again… Ever.
Lord, please help those sick, sick people.

Cold Fury offers advice.

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