Finding Jamil Hussein Is Just Part of the AP Bogus Story

It looks like there is a bit of premature rejoicing by a few nutroots after the discovery by Armed Liberal at Winds of Change that there may indeed be a Jamil (Jamail) Hussein who contributes to the Associated Press in Iraq.

But, this is just part of the problem for the Associated Press and a biggger problem for Jamil. Jamil/Jamail may find himself working behind bars instead behind a desk at the Yarmouk/al-Khadra police station.

As Flopping Aces explains this not make the bogus reporting of the Six Torched Sunnis any more real.
The AP and Jamil still need to explain:


* 3 unnamed witnesses, 1 named witness who recanted, and 1 police officer who is a fraud

* No bodies

* No evidence of any charred clothing at the scene, nor any other evidence that human beings were burnt

* The fact that only 2 pints of kerosene per person was supposedly used to burn these people

* The fact that no family members of the supposed dead have been found nor the identities of the dead themselves

* The fact that the first story stated 4 mosques were burnt, when in fact only one was slightly damaged.

Flopping Aces has more.

Sorry, nutroots… You can keep your crow. It won’t be eaten anytime too soon.

Democracy Project has more questions for Jamil/Jamail.
NewsBusters still sees a bogus AP story.

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