Don't Be Too Hard on the Nutroots… It Was a Brave Effort

Really, you have to give the nutroots some credit…
They put out a good effort, and it was about the military, not one of their better subjects.

Crooks and Liars, The Carpetbagger Report and TPM Muckraker fumble.
They are all pushing the faulty theory that the Kerry pictures were actually taken in January 2006! Hah!
No libtards, the troops really do love John Kerry! Hah!
They really like being called idiots! Hah!
It was all just a good Photoshop! Hah!

Of course, the libs don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s not like it’s a 9-11 conspiracy or a terrorist coddling story, after all.
Michelle Malkin was quick and certain to point out the truth.


Hopefully, at least one of these liberal websites will correct their post with the truth…
But, don’t hold your breath.

Dan Riehl has thoughts on hero Kerry.

Update 12/29: At least one liberal blog concedes they were dead wrong. (sorry, kim.)

** Update 2: The Leftist Flunking at Debunking

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