A Couple Other Grim Milestones Missed by the Media Today

The US has sadly lost 3,000 soldiers to date in the 45 months that America has been fighting the War in Iraq.

This grim milestone was presented by the AP and others today– without any historical context, of course.
So for the sake of truth, here are a couple other grim statistics that the media won’t be mentioning in their grim milestone reports:

US Military Losses during the Clinton Years and in the Iraq War:

That’s right! During the Clinton years, the US military lost an average of 939 soldiers each year. During the War in Iraq the US has lost an average of 800 soldiers each year- down each of the last two years!
These results were taken from Iraq Coalition Casualties, and Murdoc Online – the Official Department of Defense Report.

You won’t see these facts in an AP article!
US Monthly War Fatalities:

The US lost more soldiers EACH MONTH in World War II and the Civil War than we have last in 3 years 9 months in Iraq!

Only the Revolutionary War where there was little winter fighting and went on for 80 months saw less fatalities per month than the War in Iraq.

War is hell…
But, the Iraq War is less hellish than most if not all other US wars.

Dan Riehl– 63,000 Americans have died at the hands of other Americans since the beginning of the war.
Macs Mind– A testiment to the professionalism and efficiency of our armed forces.
A Jacksonian offers Several more ‘Grim Milestones.’

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