Why Must Dems Insist on Using a Fraud in Their Anti-War Ads?

Why is Claire McCaskill running attack ads with an anti-war fraud?

Why are democrats with VoteVets.org running national anti-war ads with an anti-war fraud?

VoteVets.org is running an ad “Because of Iraq” with Josh Lansdale , an Iraqi veteran from Missouri who says this about his time in Iraq:


“It was a pretty hot zone. We took a lot of mortar fire, IEDs, car bombs, saw a lot of helicopter crashes and worked the UN embassy bombing. I dragged a lot of people out of burning buildings, cars, motorcycle wrecks and explosions.”

Of course, none of this is true.

But is has not stopped democrats from airing this commercial nationally:

This was the first run of this anti-war ad.

Here is the second version of the “Because of Iraq” video by Wesley Clark.
It’s a bit different from the first version that was aired. See if you can find the difference.

Is it too much to ask Claire McCaskill and democrats to find soldiers with legitimate stories to put in their anti-war ads?

I guess so.

It is nice that democrats are at least allowing these former soldiers to make an ad since they are blocking active duty soldiers from voting.

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