Shamelessly Dems Greet Lieberman With Hugs and Wet Kisses

After they mocked him, stalked him, ridiculed him, viciously attacked him, made weird commercials about him, abandoned him…

It was all hugs and kisses on Tuesday for Joe Lieberman from the rats who ignored him before the midterm election.

But, who’s laughing now?

FireDoglake lashes out at the moderate democrat in August.

Earlier this week Hugh Hewitt wrote that you can’t rule out the idea of Joe Lieberman from dropping the party that thrashed him mercilessly just yet:

Yesterday, Joe Lieberman refused to rule out the idea of caucusing with the Republicans in the Senate. As I typed that sentence and prepared to hit the “publish” button, I could sense veins popping across the progressive blogosphere. The AP reports:

Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut said yesterday that he will caucus with Senate Democrats in the new Congress, but he would not rule out switching to the Republican caucus if he starts to feel uncomfortable among Democrats.

“…If he starts to feel uncomfortable among democrats?”

There were several opportunities for Senator Lieberman to start feeling uncomfortable with democrats in the past few months…

Nutroots lunatics chased Joe Lieberman from campaign stop to campaign stop.

Hillary Clinton left her “friend” Joe Lieberman for his opponent.

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters was one of several democrats to campaign against Joe Lieberman.

Democrats at the esteemed Leftist blog The Huffington Post painted Joe in blackface in early August.

Joe as cabaret singer via Whiskey Bar.

If Joe Lieberman did not start feeling uncomfortable with democrats in the past few months, it’s hard to imagine what will push him over the edge.

In the meantime, it’s more hugs and kisses for the senator elect from Connecticut.

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