Palestinians Take About An Hour to Break Ceasefire!

Earlier today the media was gloating over the grand announcement that Israel and the Palestinians had agreed to a ceasefire!

The Jerusalem Post reported that the ceasefire would go into effect at 6:00 AM:
(Via LGF)

Israel announced on Saturday, following a telephone conversation between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, that it would accept the Palestinian factions’ offer of a ceasefire.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Abbas phoned Olmert and told him he had received an agreement from all the different Palestinian factions to the cease-fire, and in response “requested that Israel would stop all military operations in the Gaza Strip, and withdraw all its forces from there.”

The statement said that after speaking to his senior ministers and top security officials, Olmert told Abbas that Israel would respond favorably “since Israel was operating in the Gaza Strip in response to the [Palestinian] violence.”

Olmert, according to the statement, told Abbas that “the end of the violence could bring about the end of Israeli operations, and his hope that this would bring stability to both sides.”

Well, call the caterers, the party’s cancelled.
Just an hour after the ceasefire took effect… Rockets were already firing into southern Israel and both Hamas and Islamic Jihad were taking credit!
The BBC reports:


Palestinian militants have fired rockets into Israel, hours after an unexpected ceasefire was called between the two sides.
At least three rockets hit Israel, one of which landed in the town of Sderot, without causing injury or damage.

Hamas’ military wing and Islamic Jihad said they were responsible.

It took the Palestinians about an hour to break the truce!

Israel Matzav reports that three Kassams were already fired.

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