Is America Becoming a Nation of Surrender Monkeys?

Warrior or Surrender Monkey?… When does a nation cross that invisible line?

When is it the right time wave the white flag?
How much sacrifice is too much sacrifice?

What if these past American wars were fought today?


What percentage of American population was lost in these previous wars?

Back in the Revolutionary War a large percentage of Americans assisted the British.

During the Civil War the democrats actually campaigned on a Cut and Run platform.

In Vietnam the democrats and media pursuaded the United States to cut and run.

Today the democrats and media are again pushing America to cut and run from Iraq. They claim it is a bloodbath- nothing is being accomplished- democracy can’t be forced on a people- it’s a quagmire…

Today, the American “sacrifice tolerance” has shrunk to a historically low number.

So again… Is America a country of “Warriors” or “Surrender Monkeys”?

Update: So am I the only one that noticed the democratic media today, led by the New York Times, is finally asking what the democrats are going to do about Iraq? And, Protein Wisdom corrects the inaccurate article.

A. Jacksonian sends the news that Romania has more sticking power than the democrats… “because it’s a dishonor to leave your allies.”

And… Jules Crittenden writes about the Jimmy Carter democrats that were just elected into office.

Mark Steyn notes that if “these colors do run” the world is watching.

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