How Will Democrats Tell 40 US Allies Iraq Was A Mistake?

Democrats have been ignoring the multi-national presence in Iraq for years.
One Western Leader and ally said this about the democratic presidential candidate in 2004:

“I find it kind of sad that a senator with 20 years parliamentary experience is unable to notice the Polish presence in the anti-terror coalition.”

So is it really surprising that the democratic party is ignoring American allies in Iraq today?

How exactly will democrats tell 40 US allies that Iraq was a mistake and that the US is pulling out and going home or to Okinawa?

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How will democrats direct US soldiers and marines into the next battle when they are not willing to finish the job or accept the sacrifice?

How will the democrats tell US allies that their sacrifice was a mistake?
How will democrats tell a country like Romania who announces this week that “We will not abandon Iraq” that America will?

Which country will the democrats call first?
After 125 Brits and 121 Allied soldiers have lost their lives in Iraq (11-17-2006) who will they call first?

How will democrats tell 40 allied nations that they are giving up?

United States: 250,000 invasion–145,000 current (10/06)
United Kingdom: 45,000 invasion–7,200 current (9/06)
South Korea: 3,300 invasion–2,600 PLANNED (12/06)
Poland: 2,400 troops–WITHDRAWAL PLANNED (12/06)
Australia: 2,000 invasion–560 current (8/06)
Italy: 1,800 troops–WITHDRAWAL PLANNED (12/06)
Ukraine: 1,650 troops–WITHDRAWN (12/05)
Netherlands : 1,345 troops–WITHDRAWN (3/05)
Spain : 1,300 troops–WITHDRAWN (4/04)
Romania: 865 troops
Japan: 600 troops–WITHDRAWN (7/06)
Denmark: 515 invasion–515 current (9/06)
Georgia: 500 invasion–300 current (8/06)
Bulgaria : 462 troops–WITHDRAWN (4/06)
Thailand: 423 troops–WITHDRAWN (9/04)
El Salvador: 380 troops
Honduras: 368 troops–WITHDRAWN (5/04)
Dominican Republic: 302 troops–WITHDRAWN (5/04)
Czech Republic: 300 troops
Hungary: 300 troops–WITHDRAWN (12/04)
Nicaragua: 230 troops–WITHDRAWN (2/04)
Singapore: 192 troops–WITHDRAWN (1/04)
Azerbaijan: 150 troops
Norway: 150 troops–WITHDRAWN (8/06)
Latvia: 136 troops
Mongolia: 131 troops
Portugal: 128 troops–WITHDRAWN (2/05)
Albania: 120 troops
Slovakia: 104 troops
New Zealand: 61 troops–WITHDRAWN (9/04)
Philippines: 51 troops–WITHDRAWN (7/04)
Lithuania: 50 troops
Armenia: 46 troops
Tonga: 45 troops–WITHDRAWN (12/04)
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 36 troops
Estonia: 35 troops
Macedonia: 33 troops
Kazakhstan: 29 troops
Moldova: 24 invasion–12 current (9/06)
Iceland: 2 troops–WITHDRAWN
Canada: undisclosed number of JTF2 operators

And, which of these allies will democrats call up first the next time America goes into battle?

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