Has Iran Infiltrated the Baker "Iraq Study Group"?

It was just last month that America’s civilian and military leaders in Iraq linked Iran and Syria with Al Qaida as forces trying to tear Iraq apart.

Now, there are concerns that a group of highly placed Iranian Regime lobbyist/agents, so called “Iranian experts”, have peddled bad information into the Iraq Study Group hoping to shape the upcoming recommendations by that group.

A couple of names of known Iranian sympathizers who may be shaping the opinion of the Iraq Study Group are Houshang Amir Ahmadi and Hamid Dabashi.


Professor Daniel M. Zucker wrote at Iran Terror Database about the very sophisticated disinformation campaign dished out by the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security.

The mullahs have fooled Jimmy Carter and other democrats before and they are fooling them again now says Zucker. Hasn’t Carter done enough in creating militant Islam? When is the left ever going to learn? Why do we have to pay for their ignorance and cluelessness?

Daniel Mendel wrote at the History News Network warning about DANGEROUS DIPLOMACY

North Korea’s announcement that it has conducted a nuclear test has left some people wondering why diplomacy was not put to good use in time. The Australian is to be commended for reproducing an excerpt of a 1994 CNN interview with former US President Jimmy Carter which provides an answer.

It was Jimmy Carter who negotiated that year a freeze in North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme at President Clinton’s behest, following North Korea’s expulsion of International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors. Carter obtained North Korean agreement to stop reprocessing spent nuclear fuel in exchange for US oil and light water reactors. These were then simply pocketed while the North Korean programme proceeded unhindered to its present apparent state of completion. Today, Jimmy Carter has a Nobel Peace Prize and North Korea, in all probability, a nuclear weapon – a happy division of achievement for all concerned. Note therefore the moral of the story drawn by Carter at the time, if only as a cautionary example of hubris:

CARTER: What the North Koreans were waiting for was some treatment of their exalted leader with respect and a direct communication. I didn’t have to argue with him. When I outlined the specific points that were the Clinton administration’s position, I presented them to him. And with very little equivocation, he agreed. I think it’s all roses now. I’ve known that there were people in Washington who were sceptical about any direct dealing with the North Koreans. They were already condemned as outlaws. Kim Il-sung was already condemned a criminal.

QUESTION: Are you absolutely convinced that the North Koreans are going to honour this agreement, that while talks are going on that it’s not just a matter of buying time on the part of the North Koreans, that they will not secretly pursue the nuclear program they were pushing earlier?

CARTER: I’m convinced. But I said this when I got back from North Korea, and people said that I was naive or gullible and so forth. I don’t think I was. In my opinion, this was one of those perfect agreements where both sides won. We should not ever avoid direct talks, direct conversations, direct discussions and negotiations with the main person in a despised or misunderstood or condemned society who can actually resolve the issue.”

The following information was sent to me anonymously about these Iranian apologists:

I can guarantee you that if you contact the Baker Study Group and ask for the list of Iranian experts they have consulted with to generate their “Iraq study report and recommendations”, the above names are going to be on the list.

Do you suppose that these individuals might influence the conclusions of the Iraq Study Group’s report?

That is frightening.

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