Despite Global Oil Crisis, Dems Will Block Drilling & Exploration!

“Gas and oil prices are sky rocketing in our country. They are hurting consumers and they are hurting our economy, yet the Bush Administration is doing nothing to help. In fact, the recently signed energy bill, by the Energy Department’s own admission, will increase the price at the pump and does nothing to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.”

Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Democratic Press Release
September 21, 2005

Nice thunder, Nancy!
Too bad for US you were just playing politics.

No wonder Hugo Chavez, Iran, Middle Eastern leaders, and Al Qaeda were so happy to see the democrats win!


Despite the current oil crisis and the fact that China with its abysmal environmental record is drilling within 70 miles off US shores, Democrats promise they will continue to vote against oil drilling and exploration!

(Maps from Sen. Craig “The Minority answer is always no!“)

The New York Times reported on Saturday:

Just a few months ago House Republicans and representatives of the energy industry were poised to rewrite a quarter-century of national energy policy and open the seas off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to oil and gas drilling, which environmentalists had fervently resisted.

But Tuesday’s Democratic victory in midterm elections has changed the legislative landscape, obliterating the chances that anything close to the aggressive drilling bill passed by the House of Representatives will be enacted for years to come.

Now, with the Democrats’ mid-term election victory, the proponents of drilling off the nation’s beaches are reluctantly jockeying to settle for a small patch of new offshore exploration allowed in a competing and more modest Senate drilling bill. “I don’t want to end up having no progress,” said Representative John E. Peterson, a Pennsylvania Republican who is a leading proponent for expanded offshore drilling. “Something is better than nothing.”

He added, “With Nancy Pelosi as speaker it will be difficult to talk about producing in the outer continental shelf.”

(Maps from Sen. Craig “The Minority answer is always no!“)

Democrats are already under fire from environmental groups to revoke promises they made on drilling before the midterm elections:

Florida lawmakers are under pressure from the Sierra Club, Environment Florida and other drilling foes to revoke support for deals they had negotiated when pro-drilling forces seemed sure of approving rigs within view of Florida beaches.

The Washington Post and MSM covered for the dems in early August saying that, “(Democrats) are seeking to do something in response to high energy prices” even though a majority of the senate democrats voted against the drilling and exploration bill. How will the media spin it this time?

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