Dem Majority Leader Reid Angry That Bush Wants Victory in Iraq!

Not only are they “cut and runners” but they’re angry that President Bush actually wants to win in Iraq!

Harry Reid on Tuesday expressed his ” great displeasure” that President Bush wants a victory for America in Iraq!

Unbelievable! And, these people are going to be calling the shots the next two years?
The AP reports:

“I would hope and expect that we’re going to be given some indication at that hearing that they see the need to change direction,” said Sen. Carl Levin, who will take control of the Senate Armed Services Committee next year.

“My displeasure with the president, he doesn’t understand the urgency of this,” incoming Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told The Washington Post. “It’s all victory for him, but I don’t know what that means anymore in Iraq. I do know what we are doing now doesn’t work.”

The hearings are the first since the Nov. 7 elections, when voters handed Democrats control of Congress in part because of their frustration over the lack of progress in Iraq. Just over a third of the public approves of President Bush’s handling of the war, according to AP-Ipsos polling last month. About six in 10 think the U.S. military action in Iraq was a mistake.

Funny… now the New York Times is waffling about pulling troops from Iraq.

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