Can Democrats Wage Battles on Two Fronts?

“Because of the war in Iraq, our military is overcommitted and stretched thin. The Army is “broken, worn out” and “living hand to mouth,” If called upon by our Commander-in-Chief today most of our Army units within the United States would have to report, “Not ready for duty, sir.”

Rep. John Murtha
From speeches made on December 1, 2005 and July20, 2006

Democrats and the media fought brilliantly these last five years to weaken and defeat the enemy. On Tuesday, November 7, 2006, they scored a decisive blow.

Around the world there was celebration of this tremendous victory!
The “Axis of Evil” was ecstatic!
There was celebrating:


* In Syria
* In Iran
* By Al Qaeda in Iraq
* By Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
* In North Korea
* Even Cuba celebrated the thumping!

(Oh, and… China was happy too.)

But this victory did not just happen overnight. It took years of planning, attacking, name calling and leaking, to bring down their arch enemies in the White House and the Republican Party.

Killing the Patriot Act was just one step on the long road to victory.
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With the announcement yesterday by Rep. Waxman (who voted for war in Iraq) that there will be numerous investigations on the Bush Administration, it is clear that this “War on the Right” is far from over.

On the other hand, in a major victory for Al Qaeda, democratic “hawk” John Murtha vowed that Bush will not go on with this Iraq war!

The battle on Bush will continue.

We also know that…
Today’s democratic party set the national sacrifice meter somewhere between 2-3,000 deaths:

Democrats believe that losing 2-3,000 soldiers in 2-3 years is plenty of sacrifice and then it is time to cut and run.
This is down considerably from the 58,000 in Vietnam.
And, this puts pressure on our military to be even more brilliant in the future.

So where does that leave the country? We know that Iran now thinks that the “US threats are hollow.” Al Qaeda won’t stop until they reach the White House.

Is it too late to ask democrats what there defense plan will be in the mean time?
What is their plan on fighting terrorism?

One thing we learned late this week is that democrats and Al Qaeda have the same goal…

They both won’t stop until they reach the White House!

Maybe when they meet up there, we will know how democrats are going to fight terror!

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Hat Tip Larwyn

And… Al-Qaida in Iraq Claims It’s Winning War

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