Bush Scores Win as APEC Urges North Korea to Give Up Nukes

President Bush scored a major win as the 21 APEC Nations agreed to condemn North Korean nuclear tests and urge the regime to give up its nuclear program:

“I think we’re pleased with that statement, and I think it will be a good contribution to the diplomacy,” Hadley told reporters at a briefing on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

Another White House official, who requested anonymity, said it would be a written statement but that it was unclear whether the statement would be separate from the summit’s final communique.

But the official said the statement would condemn North Korea’s October 9 nuclear test, urge it to comply with international demands to abandon its atomic weapons programs and come back to six-party disarmament talks.


“It will reiterate APEC leaders’ concern over the missile launches and then the nuclear test and urge the North Koreans to comply with (UN Security Council Resolution) 1718 and to get back to the six-party talks,” the official said.

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