Arthur Chrenkoff Is Back & Traveling the States

The “Good News” writer Arthur Chrenkoff is traveling the United States this week promoting his new novel, Night Trains.

Arthur Chrenkoff will be here between November 12-22. His first novel, NIGHT TRAINS, has just come out and is getting great responses and reviews in the blogosphere. Robert Ferrigno, author of Prayers for the Assassin and Hymns for the Assassin, wrote Arthur as follows:

“Just finished NIGHT TRAINS and my mind is reeling. What a marvelous and powerful book. I’m still turning things over, rereading the beginning and seeing where it will lead me. You’ve created something wonderful and unique.”

Arthur is now available for interviews, podcasts, whatever suits your needs. If you’re interested, please contact him by e-mail ([email protected]) and Arthur will get back to you right away.


This would be a rare opportunity to talk with a great conservative thinker of our time and to hear more about his latest project, Night Trains which is getting rave reviews from conservative bloggers.

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