Alleged Child Molester Prays for a Dick Cheney Heart Attack

Happy Thanksgiving from the Leftists at the Huffington Post!

A Little Prayer and Lot of Hatred from one of the loons at the HuffPo.

English satirist, writer and accused child molester offers holiday cheer as can’t give the Bush hatred a rest, not even for a day.

Here’s more on the Leftist moralist chosen to give the Thanksgiving prayer:


Hendra’s daughter, Jessica Hendra (wife of Kurt Fuller), has written a book (How to Cook Your Daughter) in which she describes being sexually abused by Hendra when she was a young girl.
The Washington Post reported:

Initially she wrote an account of the alleged molestation as an op-ed piece and submitted it to the Times. It was forwarded to the news department, which assigned a reporter to interview her. The upshot was a lengthy (2,346 words) piece containing descriptions of alleged sex acts — shocking to read in a daily newspaper and doubly repellent because it supposedly involved a man and a child, a father and his daughter.

It goes without saying that Hendra denied his daughter’s charges and leveled some of his own. In essence, he called her a bit crazy. She herself had led the Times to two of her psychotherapists and admits to having suffered from anorexia — a potentially fatal eating disorder and one often associated with sexual abuse.

Today’s Left stays true to form.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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