Suddenly, America Is Making Gains in Korean Circles

We’re not seeing a whole lot of these signs in the news lately…

There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of “f*cking USA” fanatics out in Seoul lately.

“Bush the Warmonger” has new meaning on the streets.

No new serenades to America.


The death threats against Americans are on the decline. (Kalonisullivan)

But, some shops have still not warmed up to Americans.

Although, there wasn’t a whole lot of flak about Condi’s visit.

The rallies don’t seem to have as many protesters with signs that read, in part, “Oppose USA.” (kalonisullivan)

US Navy haters have dwindled down a bit.

Although, as One Free Korea points out, there are still plenty of America-haters in the South.

Joshua Stanton asked earlier, “Why are U.S. taxpayers subsiding a government that’s teaching its people to love the North Korean regime and hate America?”

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