Steele Crashes Maryland NAACP Candidates Forum… Uninvited!

Republican Senatorial Candidate Michael Steele made an appearance at the Maryland NAACP candidates forum meeting today… Uninvited!
(How does Michael Steele not get invited to a NAACP candidates forum in his home state?)

This is the same organization that threw oreos at him at a previous event.

Michael Steele said that Cardin was all talk and no action during the five minutes that he was given at the podium during the NAACP forum after he arrived uninvited.

On Thursday, Michael Steele and far-left candidate Kevin Zeese showed up at a NAACP sponsored debate. Democratic Candidate Ben Cardin chose to skip the debate.

Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate and Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele, right, listens as third party candidate Kevin Zeese makes a statement during a debate sponsored by the NAACP in Waldorf, Md., Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006. Democratic candidate Ben Cardin D-Md., was un able to attend the debate.(AP Photo/Chris Gardner)

Dr. Monica Turner, Steele’s sister, rips apart the slanderous Michael J. Fox/democratic stem cell research attack ad on Steele. Game-Set-Match!
Watch the ad HERE.
Captain’s Quarters has more on this devastating advertisement.

Earlier this week the resident emeritus of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Elaine R. Jones, took a swipe at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and President Bush.

And, Barak Obama stumped for democrat Cardin, yesterday in Maryland.

Powerline has more on this toss-up for Maryland’s senatorial seat.

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