Rep. Kingston Sends Letter to Democratic Leaders to Testify

Representative Jack Kingston and 10 fellow Republicans sent a letter to the Democratic leadership asking them to go before the Ethics Committee and disclose what they knew about Foley’s activities for the safty of America’s children. It will be interesting to see how democratic leadership responds. There is more at Rep. Kingston’s blog but following is the text of the letter to Ms. Pelosi:

“Today, I sent letters to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Congressman Rahm Emanuel and DNC Chairman Howard Dean requesting that they also come before the House Ethics Committee in regards to what they or their staff might have known about Mark Foley and his activities. The letters were also signed by 10 of my fellow Members.”

The text of the letter is as follows:

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi recently demanded that Speaker Hastert and other top Republican Members appear for questioning under oath by the Ethics Committee (“Pelosi Wants GOP Leaders’ Testimony, Roll Call, October 3, 2006) regarding the management of the scandal surrounding former Congressman Mark Foley.

We fully agree that anyone with knowledge of Mr. Foley’s activities, who then attempted to conceal such activities, should be held accountable. Today, the bipartisan Ethics Committee announced that they will be conducting a complete investigation of the facts surrounding the case.

We support this decision and also believe that the seriousness of this goes beyond partisan politics and hope that you will join us in demonstrating full cooperation from your Members and political operatives as this investigation continues to unfold.¼br />

Just as it must be determined whether any Republican Members or political operatives were aware of and attempted to conceal Mr. Foley’s activities, it must also be determined whether any Democrat Members or political operatives were aware of, and attempted to conceal these same activities.

Therefore, we respectfully ask that you appear, under oath, before the House Ethics Committee.

It is in the best interest of this great institution as well as the American people that this matter is cleared up quickly and every Member, regardless of party, should do all within their power to see to that.

This ought to go over like a lead balloon!

Powerline reported on this yesterday and Macsmind noticed the media started to pull back yesterday as the story started to swing in a different direction:

As you noticed, the “Foley Story” began to fade from the MSM throughout Friday as blogs such as mine and others began to uncover what really went on behind the scenes leading up to the scandal. As to AJ Strata, he’s on the money about the emails, and that fact has not been unnoticed by the FBI according to sources. In fact, I’m told CREW may become more and more a fixture of the FBI investigation as the days and weeks unfold.

While there may an retreat from those involved, we are hear to tell them that we will continue digging. From the beginning this for me hasn’t be about “defending Foley” or even “protecting Bush”, but about what is truth and the truth a lie was perpetrated on the American people.

But these left wing front groups such as CREW and others, along with political operatives on the left, and even two, possibly three members of Congress had specific knowledge of what was going on. That should be coming out as soon as all the points can be verified.

Clarice Feldman has harsh words on ABC’s professionalism today.

The Strata Sphere has his latest timeline posted.

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