Now… Video of Chinese Soldiers Shooting Tibetans in Cold Blood!

“They’re shooting them like dogs!”

Chinese soldiers inspect the bodies of the Tibetan refugees they just just shot dead in cold blood. They later buried the bodies on the glacier.


** PROTV interviews Romanian climber Sergiu Matei who filmed the slaughter HERE


Pro TV cameraman Sergiu Matei returned to Romania after climbing the Himalayas and brought home with him a story that is shocking.

Slovenian Pavle Kozjek, who has a website ExtremeKanal, was one of several international climbers to see the Chinese open fire on the fleeing Tibetans.

Detail cut out image of the body of the Tibetan nun, left in a snow path. Courtesy of Pavle Kozjek (

After first denying the charges, when confronted with the video the Chinese officials said the soldiers were firing in self defense! has the story:

At first they said they didn’t know. “I’ve seen the reports about this, but I’ve no knowledge of the specific situation,” Liu Jianchao, a ministry spokesman, told a news conference in Beijing about the shootings at Nangpa La.

That’s when the pictures showed up.

Only hours later, China admitted. But now they claimed self-defense. A Xinhua report said that the people trying to cross the border attacked the soldiers, who were then “forced to defend themselves.”

From a monk and children?

Not a chance, reported Romanian climber Sergiu Matei. ”The Chinese militias were hunting Tibetans onto the glacier…shooting them like rats, dogs, rabbits – you name it.” And Sergiu has video to prove it.

One of the Tibetan travelers was hiding in the latrine when the Chinese soldiers showed up at base camp.

Chinese officers in ABC with captured tibetan childen, looking at Nangpa La. All images courtesy of Pavle Kozjek (

Big Hat Tip to Bruce

Toasted Bread has much more on China’s human rights validations.

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