New Report Shows Democrats Plotted Foley Scandal for Months

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In a new low for American politics…

Reports show that rathr than showing concern for Congressional pages who may have been at risk, democrats were plotting about the Foley stroy for months!

AJ Strata posted this followup article by Ken Silverstein from Harper’s Magazine today.
Here are the essential points that turn this whole scandal on its democratic head:

As I wrote on Tuesday, the source brought the story to other news outlets late in 2005, and brought it to me in May. Why would he try to spring an October Surprise a year early?

I have no evidence that the source was working in concert with the national Democratic Party. That said, I acknowledged in the story that some Democratic officials may well have been aware of the accusations against Foley and expected supporting evidence to come out in the press. Since writing the original article, I’ve become convinced that was in fact the case; indeed, several well-placed sources have told me that some Democrats—and certainly people affiliated with the campaign of Foley’s Democratic challenger Tim Mahoney—were aware of the accusations at least as early as late Spring.

In 2004 George Bush won handily over John Kerry in Foley’s conservative district, and the congressman’s last two Democratic challengers only raised about $60,000—total. Meanwhile, Foley was sitting on a vast campaign war chest and had a reputation as a formidable fundraiser.

And yet Mahoney has been able to raise more than $1.1 million for his campaign.

I checked campaign-finance records and found that Mahoney himself provided about half of that amount. But he also pulled in $80,000 from heavily Democratic labor-union PACs and raised about $455,000 from individual donors. What’s more interesting is that some of that money started coming in late last year—around the time that the Foley emails were given to reporters in Florida—and some of Mahoney’s biggest donors were from out of state.

The donors include major Democratic donors like John Gorman of Austin-based Tejas, the New York based construction mogul John Tishman, and the Massachusetts-based real estate tycoons Gerald and Elaine Schuster, who have a history of anti-labor and slumlord practices. These campaign finance records certainly suggest that Democrat officials expected Foley’s seat would be in play and quietly steered donors in Mahoney’s direction.

This is just damning for democrats. Look for this news tomorrow on the front page of the New York Times!
AJ Strata breaks this all down although it is pretty self explanatory.
Hat Tip Larwyn

Finally… Majority Leader John Boehner points out this despicable political game by the democrats:

Boehner, speaking at a campaign event for 3rd District Republican candidate Jeff Lamberti, said Democratic operatives have known about inappropriate e-mails sent by former Rep. Mark Foley, a Florida Republican, to young male pages for some time. He said Democrats had been shopping the information around Washington as a political ploy.

“Someone who had this information allowed those 16-year-old pages to be at risk while they were playing their political games,” said Boehner, R-Ohio. “I do not believe thus far that Republicans knew about these sexually explicit instant messages.”

Investor’s Business Daily says that Republicans are starting to fire back.

Glenn Reynolds is not so sure about that.

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