Michael J. Fox, Stem Cells & Brain Tumors in Parkinson's Patients

Update: If you are from Missouri you must read this, posted at Allman’s Electric Stove, on Amendment 2 and cloning:

The Human Embryo Cloning and Destruction Initiative

My heart goes out to Micheal J. Fox.

The McCaskill/Fox/Amendmend 2 ad aired last night during the second game of the World Series (see Smudgegate) here in St. Louis. It is very powerful. Here is that ad:

Fox appears to be suffering terribly. The ad goes straight to your heart and you hope that something can be done for this courageous young man.

But it doesn’t look like embryonic stem cells will be his answer.

This article also came out yesterday from Reuters:
Stem cells might cause brain tumors, study finds

Injecting human embryonic stem cells into the brains of Parkinson’s disease patients may cause tumors to form, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday.

Steven Goldman and colleagues at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York said human stem cells injected into rat brains turned into cells that looked like early tumors.

Writing in the journal Nature Medicine, the researchers said the transplants clearly helped the rats, but some of the cells started growing in a way that could eventually lead to a tumor.

Various types of cell transplants are being tried to treat Parkinson’s disease, caused when dopamine-releasing cells die in the brain.

This key neurotransmitter, or message-carrying chemical, is involved in movement and Parkinson’s patients suffer muscle dysfunction that can often lead to paralysis. Drugs can slow the process for a while but there is no cure.

** The Anchoress has much more on this scientific development and the McCaskill ad.
This is not the first time that sciencists have halted embryonic stem cell research for Parkinson’s sufferers.
And, the Anchoress is not the only one who thinks Michael J. Fox is being used by McCaskill.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Micheal J. Fox.

Oh… and Claire McCaskill is a skunk for using this sick man.

You can help Jim Talent out here.

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Kathryn Jean Lopez says the ad crosses the line.
Carol Platt Liebau, a native St. Louisan, sees it as crass and misleading.

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