McCaskill's ACORN Friends Submit 1,492 Bogus Voter Cards

Update: Surprisingly, the AP is following the story tonight.
At least 16 local democrats have been sentenced for election violations since 2004.

Arena of Ideas sends the latest on Claire McCaskill…

Claire McCaskill helps the elderly with their voter cards at the Senior Center while bashing President Bush and Jim Talent.

Once again, this was caught by democrat blogger PubDef who was at the event. In fact, the democrats asked him to leave but this is what happened:


He (a McCaskill aide) asked a worker at the elderly care facility to ask me to leave. She came over, we talked, turns out we know each other, we hugged, and then she left.

And, that is how PubDef got the video of Claire offering her assistance to the elderly voters at the nursing home.

Also in the news…
The ACORN Group, the same group that was telling Missourians to vote for Claire McCaskill while registering them to vote, is now in trouble for turning in 1,492 fraudulent voter cards of dead people and teens.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch, who still has not reported that the ACORN workers were working for Claire McCaskill, has this on the latest voter fraud in St. Louis:

St. Louis Election Board officials say they’ve discovered at least 1,492 “potentially fraudulent” voter registration cards – including three from dead people and one from a 16-year-old – among the thousands pouring in before today’s voter registration deadline for the Nov. 7 election.

City Republican elections director Scott Leiendecker said the board’s staff expects to find even more bogus voter-registration applications among the thousands remaining to be processed. The board plans to turn all the questionable cards over to city Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce for investigation and possible prosecution, said board chairman Kimberley Mathis.

The board says all the questionable cards were turned in by one group – the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, commonly known as ACORN.

Brian Mellor, the group’s election counsel, said that it welcomed any prosecutions of workers who turn in fraudulent cards. “We try very hard to monitor the employees, but there are chances of things slipping through,” he said.

However in the taped interviews at PubDef the voter registration workers name who of the ACORN leaders were telling them to push Claire McCaskill.

Paul S. has more on the latest St. Louis voter fraud scandal.

Meanwhile, USA Today says there is no stinkin voter fraud.

Macsmind has a long list of ACORN scandal.

Rush Limbaugh discussed this scandal today, Here’s the audio.

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