Lancet Editor Has History of Being a FarLeft Nutjob

The amazing news is that Dr. Richard Horton, the editor of The Lancet, makes even Pinch Sulzberger look moderate.

Wow! As TigerHawk points out…
It isn’t just self-acclaimed “Defeatocrat”Jack Murtha who is inadvertently calling into question the objectivity behind The Lancet’s publication of the Iraq casualty surveys. Behold, its editor-in-chief, Dr. Richard Horton, in a speech at the “Time of Go” protest on September 23, 2006, as posted previously at Little Green Footballs.

Dr. Richard Horton is anything but impartial.

Tim Blair adds some perspective to the ludicrous findings.


RWDB J. F. Beck has more on the nutty Lancet editor and the several controveries the magazine has been involved in including this one:

It’s therefore no surprise that Horton has again published an Iraq death toll study by socialist darling Les Roberts. They worked together to try to swing the 2004 presidential election, as Horton has pretty much admitted:

“For the sake of a country in crisis and for a people under daily threat of violence, the evidence we publish today must change heads as well as pierce hearts.”

It’s no surprise that highly educated lefty activists are again trying to influence an American election using the tools available to them.

It looks like the fellows at Lancet are giving it another go this election cycle!

From the headlines today we see that 110 Iraqis lost there lives in the last 2 days. This is a far cry from the 1540 that you would expect from the Lancet Study.

New Liberal Death Count Claims 770 Violent Iraqi Deaths Daily!!
Iraqis Enraged By Lancet Study

Update: The Leftist website Iraq Body Count even piled on the Lancet Study today.

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