Iraqi Sunni and Shia Clerics Sign major Peace Appeal in Mecca

The leaders of Iraq’s Muslim Community sign a convention for peace in Mecca.

What is amazing about this news is that once again the people of Iraq tell the world that they want to remain one united nation. This seems to get missed a lot on both sides of the aisle.

Iraqi Shiite and Sunni clerics meeting in Islam’s holiest city signed a text calling for a halt to sectarian bloodletting in war-torn Iraq, al-Arabiya television reported.(AFP)

The following is a Haider Ajina translation of a headline and article from Iraq’s Aswat Al-Iraq on October 20, 2006.


Iraqi religious leaders sign in Mecca a covenant to interdict spilling of Iraqi blood.
By Adil Fagher & Thergham Mohamed,

Tonight (Friday) in Saudi Arabia, Iraqi religious leaders signed a covenant to interdict spilling of Iraqi blood.

Iraqi TV channel AL-Iraqiah showed clips showing Iraqi Sunni and Shiite religious leaders signing a covenant In Mecca Saudi Arabia to interdict spilling of Iraqi blood. The Muslim Congress Organization hosted this event. Chairman of the MCO, Ikmal Aldien Auglu said:

* The covenant which was signed interdicts killing, evicting, mocking, attacking houses of prayer of Muslims and non Muslims.
* The covenant also calls for crushing the rift between Sunni and Shiite and brings attention to the dangers of committing crimes in the name of religion or religious sect.
* The covenant also calls for national and religious unity and its preservation from those who wish to divide Iraqis.
* The covenant also declare all crimes committed in the name of religion in Iraq as a sin forbidden by God.
* The covalent condemns disgracing of Shiite or Sunnis and condemns the two sects denunciating each other.
* The covenant also calls upon the Iraqi government to release all those who are innocent and give the accused just and speedy trials with swift punishments if guilt, that they serve as a deterrent to the rest.
* The covenant affirms the importance of Sunnis and Shiite to stand together for the sovereignty of Iraq and unity of its soil, and to end its occupation and work towards building Iraq’s economy infrastructure military and political structure.

Amongst the dignitaries attending the signing of this covenant, is president of the Sunni Accord Ahmed Abdulghafoor Alsameraai and president of the Shiite Accord Adnan Alhaideri and Sheik Mohamed Mahmood Alsumed member of “Muslim Scholars Association” (Sunni organization) and Sheik Sader Aldien Kubanchi member of “Supreme Council of Islamic Revelation in Iraq” SCIRI (Shiite organization). It was noted that a representative of Alsistani and Muqtada Alsadar did not attend. However, they did send their endorsements of the covenant and its contents.

Most Iraqis have consistently supported the formation a unity government.

Over 90% of Iraqis support a strong unity government according to the latest International Republican Institute June 14-24, 2006 Iraqi Survey

Haider Ajina comments:

This meeting in Saudi Arabia has been going on since Wednesday. Today they released the news of the covenant so that it may be introduced in Mosques in Iraq after Friday prayers. The covenant also called upon mosque speakers to read it after Friday prayers and call upon all in attendance to follow the instruction in the covenant.

These type of conferences and compact and covenants have been happening for a while but none at this large a scale and this strong an attendance and endorsements. Time will tell if this may lead the way to reducing or even stopping the violence and killing going on in central Iraq.

Arab Sunnis (not Kurd Sunnis) are being killed as revenge for the years of killing and abuse the Shiites suffered under the Baathists (who were mostly Arab Sunni). Shiites are being killed by Sunni Alqaida and former Baathists (Saddam’s no. 2 man is hiding in Saudi Arabia and directing attacks in Iraq from their, using the vast money Baathists stole from the Iraqi treasury) to destabilize the country. Then we have Iran financing Shiite Militias. Syria is supporting the former Baathists and Alqaida to destabilize Iraq.

Iran and Syria are doing this to try to bring us to the table and talk directly with them. This would make Iran and Syria appear important and influential. They want to be talking face to face with a super power to help the super power resolve the situation in Iraq. They would also like to keep us occupied in Iraq. Syria just yesterday announced that it is willing to mediate since it has means to influence matters in Iraq. I think this a very interesting statement, since Syria has maintained the fact that it is not supporting, nor that can it influence, terrorists in Iraq.

Iran also announced that it is willing to help stabilize Iraq but did not say it could influence any one. Also an interesting statement. Violence in central Iraq is escalating not just because of Ramadan it is escalating to try to influence our elections and test our resolve. The Arab street often maintains that America is not willing to sacrifice and thus can be waited out easily and will take the easy way out. They influenced the election In Spain in 2004 and soon afterward, Spain pulled their troops out of Iraq.

Haider Ajina

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