I'll See your Weldon and Raise You One Reid & a Waters

I was utterly shocked today to see that the “bi-partisan” George Soros-funded CREW organization may be behind the DOJ investigation on Representative Curt Weldon’s possible influence peddling — two and a half years ago.

After all, this is the organization that saved our Congressional pages from a stalking internet pervert by holding on to damning emails, rather than turn them over immediately to authorities.

Weldon is currently in a dead heat with Democratic opponent Joe Sestak. The Spin reported this from an interview today with Rep. Weldon:


Weldon asserts that his sharp criticisms of the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence organizations have made them want to get back at him, namely by opening this investigation.

Weldon alleges that the source of the news about him is Melanie Sloan, a former associate of John Conyers and Charles Schumer. She is currently the executive director of CREW. He also says that people such as Sandy Berger (former head of the NSA) and Mary McCarthy have donated to Sestak’s campaign and are working to bring him down as revenge for his criticisms.

Mary O. McCarthy of frogmarch fame has her own Able Danger connections.

This does not look very good for Representative Weldon which is a shame since he was following the Able Danger story so closely.

But, while we’re at it…
Here are a couple of other suspect Congressional families that could use a good closet cleaning:

It would be a shame if someone were to bring up all of the dirt on the Harry Reid family members lobbying in Washington… Especially since he is involved in a couple of different scandals of his own.
From Congresspedia:

In 2003 Reid was embarassed by a Los Angeles Times article on his son and son-in-law lobbying his office. In 2002 Reid introduced a bill, “The Clark County Conservation of Public Land and Natural Resources Act of 2002,” which was ostensibly aimed at boundary shifts, land trades and other arcane matters in Nevada. The Times article explains that the bill would provide “a cavalcade of benefits to real estate developers, corporations and local institutions that were paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying fees to his sons’ and son-in-law’s firms”.[12] (http://www.newsmine.org/archive/cabal-elite/w-administration/big-money/lobbyists-senators-sons.txt)

Howard Hughes Corp. paid Reid’s son-in-law Scott Barringer’s “tiny” law firm $300,000 in lobbying fees and received “a provision allowing the company to acquire 998 acres of federal land ripe for development in the exploding Las Vegas metropolitan area.” A Nevada law firm that employs all four of Reid’s sons represented a group of real estate developers that received helpful provisions in the Clark County bill.[13] (http://www.newsmine.org/archive/cabal-elite/w-administration/big-money/lobbyists-senators-sons.txt)

Reid argued that the bill would help Nevada’s economy while protecting the environment. The bill “placed an additional 440,000 acres of federal land under wilderness protection”.[14] (http://www.newsmine.org/archive/cabal-elite/w-administration/big-money/lobbyists-senators-sons.txt)

Reid’s son Key and Barringer have represented almost every industry in Nevada, all of them seek Reid’s help on federal matters.[15] (http://www.newsmine.org/archive/cabal-elite/w-administration/big-money/lobbyists-senators-sons.txt) Reid initially defended his son’s lobbying as perfectly legal and clean, noting that they had to file biannual reports. He later banned family members from lobbying anyone in his office.[16] (http://www.newyorker.com/fact/content/articles/050808fa_fact)

Much more on the Reid family Vegas jackpot at American Thinker.

Then there is Representative Maxine Waters and the Waters family…
Nothing watered-down here!
From Newsmax:

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ family members earned more than $1 million over the last eight years by doing business with companies, candidates and causes that she helped, according to a newspaper report Sunday.

Waters’ daughter and son pocketed fees from campaigns endorsed by the congresswoman’s election mailers while her husband worked for a bond underwriting firm seeking government business from her political allies, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Waters even made CREW’s list of the 13 most corrupt officials in goverment.
That does not look so good considering she is the only one of the three democrats listed who has not made headlines for corruption the past few months.

I really doubt that CREW and the democrats want to shine more sunlight on these shady democrats.

Captain Ed has Harry Reid’s reaction to these awful attacks.

Able Danger Blog is a must read to understand why he may be the target of investigaion as he claims.
Hat Tip Larwyn

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