Hillary Clinton Calls to Pull Troops From Iraq (See- Cut & Run)

Maybe Hezbollah is right?

Today, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said in TV interview aired Tuesday that the U.S. has failed in Iraq and will leave the Mideast, Arab and Islamic worlds just as they left Vietnam.
Hmm… Who has he been listening to?

Hillary joined John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi today.

Hillary Clinton joined John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi in calling for the US to start withdrawing troops from Iraq by year’s end.
In her press conference today Hillary also urged one-to-one talks with America’s enemies:


Clinton blasted what she said was the Bush administration’s “simplistic division of the world into good and evil. They refuse to talk to anyone on the evil side, as some have called that idealistic. I call it dangerously unrealistic.”

Referring to the Bush administration’s refusal to talk directly to North Korea she said: “Six years of policy with no carrots no sticks and only bad results.”

Clinton bemoaned “the lost opportunities of the years since September 11,” when people around the world rallied to offer support for the United States following the 2001 terrorist attacks. “Five years later much of the world wonders what America is now,” she said.

Clinton is far ahead of her Republican Party rival in her November 7 senate re-election bid.

Concerning Iraq, Clinton blasted the administration’s policy, and said the best policy instead would progressively redeploy US troops in the region, call for a regional conference to help discuss options and advocate for the creation of an organization aiming at guaranteeing a division of oil income among all Iraqis.

“In an increasingly interdependent world,” Clinton said, “it is in our interest to stand for human rights, to promote religious freedom, democracy, women’s rights, social justice and economic empowerment.”

“But reality is, we cannot force others, nations and people, to accept those values. We have to support those who embrace them and lead by example,” she said.

Nice of a democrat to finally talk about women’s rights… talk anyway.

And, in Carolina… they moonbats are

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