Former Nazi: "Today's Leftist Youth Like Hitler's Storm Troopers"

Hilmar Von Campe, a former Nazi youth, was interviewed on Hannity and Colmes on Thursday night and warned that today’s leftist youth protesters behave like Hitler’s Storm Troopers… No kidding! Hilmar ought to know!

(1:26 Minutes)

From Hannity and Colmes:

Hilmar Von Campe: Well, I did see (the Columbia University Minuteman attack video) before. I did see the video about the event before. That was no surprise for me. We had, we called them “storm troopers”. Hitler had storm troopers who would shut up the opposition. And, that is what these people were trying to do, the same thing.

Alan Colmes: Well, they rushed the stage with banners last week and that was wrong but it seems like the first punch was thrown by those defending the Minutemen- and that’s where the violence came from. That’s wrong too isn’t it?

Hilmar Von Campe: I have not seen that I don’t know. But, I know that the Minutemen did not go out to fight with these invaders, so to speak.

Alan Colmes pushed the strange logic that this mob of young uber-leftists who rushed the stage to scare the hell out of the invited speaker were somehow the victims??? Having 50 people rush you on a stage is violence.
Why is that so hard to understand?


Atlas Shrugs has a terrific roundup on the event this week at Columbia University.
“Two Ex-Terrorists and a Former Nazi”

Peggy Noonan has more on the Left’s “Sounds of Silencing”. How true!

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