Defining Our Future: Murtha, Irey & Walter Reed Hospital

Here you go, America. It’s 2006. Here are your options…

The democrats may not have an official platform but their agenda could not be more obvious.

And, it looks like Pennsylvania’s 12th District is shaping up to be a microcosm of this year’s midterm options.


The choice is clear.
This is how Republicans view our America…

Diana Irey at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington DC where she freeps with Free Republic against John Murtha’s Code Pink. (Vets4Irey)

And, this is the democrat’s vision for America…
John Murtha’s Code Pink supporters outside of Walter Reed Hospital.

In case you missed it…

John Murtha was all smiles accepting his Man of the Year award from Code Pink activists earlier this year for his “brave” Cut and Run speech in Congress late last year. This group, of course, is not clear yet on who the real enemy is.

The line is drawn in the sand. It has been for quite a while now.

Here is another jewel on Boss Murtha from Murtha Must Go:

Early in the campaign, there was a suggestion for a Diana Irey billboard with a cute slogan: “The Boys Have Made a Mess In Washington. Send a Mom To Clean It Up!”
Murtha runs his office like a gangster. After Diana appeared in a parade in a town in Somerset County this summer, a Murtha staffer called the mayor and told him, “The Big Man’s not happy that you let that woman be in your parade”. (Is that mayor going to end up wearing cement shoes at the bottom of a river?)

Yeah, I’d want to vote for that guy!

Salena Zito, from the Pittsburgh Tribune, warns democrats that the Fat Lady isn’t Singing, yet!

And Let Freedom Ring has very sobering news for democrats.
Very sobering!

You can help make sure that Murtha gets redeployed in November by giving to Irey’s campaign HERE.

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