Busted… WaPo Reports Democrats Were Behind Foleygate!

Do you suppose this will make the front pages for the next week?

The Washington Post reports that democratic operatives were behind the Foleygate scandal this morining:

But there are indications that Democrats spent months circulating five less insidious Foley e-mails to news organizations before they were finally published by ABC News late last month, which prompted the leaking of the more salacious instant messages. Harper’s Magazine said yesterday that it obtained the five e-mails from a Democratic Party operative, albeit in May, long before the election season.

Those 2004 e-mails — dubbed “over-friendly” by House Republican leaders — originally leaked out of the office of Rep. Rodney Alexander (La.), a Republican. But, Republicans say, they still may have come from a Democrat on his staff. Alexander changed parties in 2004.

Of course, the media is doing what it can to salvage the democrat’s reputation with this latest disclosure:

“There was never a plan to undermine the GOP or to destroy Hastert personally, as the speaker has vaingloriously suggested,” Ken Silverstein, Washington editor for Harper’s, said on the magazine’s Web site yesterday. “I know this with absolute certainty because Harper’s was offered the story almost five months ago.”

Silverstein said his source was a “Democratic operative,” the same source that had provided the e-mail exchanges to the St. Petersburg Times in November 2005. Both the magazine and the paper declined to publish a story. But the source “was not working in concert with the national Democratic Party,” Silverstein added. “This person was genuinely disgusted by Foley’s behavior, amazed that other publications had declined to publish stories about the emails, and concerned that Foley might still be seeking contact with pages.”

** How many more days can the MSM put Hastert on the front page when this is the real story right here?

AJ Strata has more on these latest Foleygate developments and corrects the Washington Post on its timeline.
Macsmind reports that Jeff Trandahl, the former House clerk who oversaw the House Page Program, was supposed to testify on Tuesday.
The Jawa Report notes that both the democrats and the media knew about the emails for months.

All that is left to this October surprise is nailing down which democrats were out pushing the documents!
Today’s report follows yesterday’s admission by Harper’s that it was democrats out pushing the documents.

Did you notice that Rahm Emanuel does not claim he didn’t know about the Foley scandal only that he “didn’t see the messages” before the story broke?
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Gary Gross says today’s article is the WaPo’s way of making up for such a bogus story yesterday.

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