Al Qaeda in Iraq Gets Shayhk-Down, Al Anbar Sees Progress

The Jawa Report passes on the latest Mudville report from Al Anbar Province in Iraq:

Asked about his response to Al-Muhajir’s statement about giving a pardon to the chieftains of Iraq, Shaykh Abd al-Sattar Abu-Rishah, chieftain of the Al-Bu-Rishah tribe in al-Anbar, said: “I do not know what kind of authority he enjoys. Is he a prophet? Did he receive a messenger from God to give us a pardon? Are we criminals like him? Are we killers like him to be given a pardon? Or did we ask him for pardon? On the contrary, he should ask us for pardon, because he killed Iraqis, Sunnis and Shi’is. Who is he? He is only an inferior criminal. We should not grant him a pardon.”

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And, The following is Iraqi-American Haider Ajina’s translation of a headline and article from the Iraq’s Aswat Aliraq on October 5th.


Security is improving in Iraq’s Anbar province

Dr. Salam Alzaubaii Iraq’s deputy prime minister said today Thursday that security in Anbar province has witnessed improvement and is moving in the correct direction. The announcement which came from the office of Dr. Alzaubaii tonight, of which a copy was obtained by Aswat Al-Iraq, said, “The deputy Prime Minster discussed the security situation in Iraqi cities to day with Mr. Dominic Asquith the British Ambassador to Iraq.” The announcement added, “Alzaubaii clarified, during his meeting in his office, that the situation in Anbar province have markedly improved since the local tribes have banded together to fight rid the province from foreign terrorists. As to the situation in Dialah province. It remains complicated, in need of a strong stand and to support its active leaders and the remove the inept ones.”

Haider comments:

The tribal meeting held in Baghdad a few weeks ago has now shown its first results. The Tribes of Anbar province, having pledged to work with the Iraqi Government, have banded together to fight and kick out foreign and domestic terrorists from their province. Most of these terrorists tend to be Iraq’s Al Qaida. Anbar is a restive province, which houses the Sunni triangle and Saddam’s city of origin. If Anbaries can be convinced to truly join the political process and they begin to see that they will also benefit from this new democracy it will go along ways toward improving security in Baghdad.

Baghdad a city with a population of Three to five million most of which is spread out, is presenting a tough challenge to the Iraqi and USA security forces.

While my father in a recent phone call said that security has improved substantially compared to July and early August, much work remains to be done. “One has to stay away from certain neighborhoods and preferably not walk alone,” he said. This almost sounds like some urban areas in the USA.

While we keep hearing about the tough security situation in certain areas of Baghdad and the Sunni triangle. The south and Kurdish areas are improving and expanding infrastructure. Nejaf is building its own oil refinery, Basrah province is in the second stage of operation “Sindbad” a security improvement and rebuilding operation, DhiQar province is under full Iraqi provincial control since September 2nd, 124 arrest were maid over that last 24 hours of armed men accused of terrorist and criminal activity. The progress continues.

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Haider Ajina

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