Who Are the Real Victims of Religious Hate Crimes?

Are Muslims the New Jews… as Daily Kos claims?

Are US Muslims Plagued by Discrimination since 9-11?

Little Green Footballs has news of the “whitewashing of radical Islam” HERE and HERE.

With the 5 Year Anniversary of 9-11 attacks just days away, the media will be in full tilt explaining how vicious Americans are in their reaction to the continued attacks and threats on this planet by Radical Islam.

Even former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami agrees:

“As America claims to be fighting terrorism, it implements policies that cause the intensification of terrorism and institutionalized violence.”

This despite the fact that his Iranian Mullacracy continues to be the world’s largest exporter of terror and they don’t even try to hide it!

The whitewash continues…
The BBC even posted this graphic on Anti-Islamic hate crimes in the US:

According to the BBC Reports of Muslims being targeted because of their religion was virtually unheard of before 9/11, hovering at around 30 incidents a year. After spiking in 2001, incidents have levelled off at about 150 a year (2005 figures are not yet available).

This post is not pushing for more hate crimes, but it is worth noting, although not mentioned by the BBC, that hate crimes against Jews still tops anti-Muslim hate crimes by a long shot:

Nationally, there were 155 hate crime incidents listed as anti-Islamic last year, down sharply from the 481 reported in 2001.

In addition, there were 622 hate crime incidents reported in 2002 against ethnic groups that include people of Middle Eastern descent, down from 1,500 in 2001. There were 931 anti-Jewish incidents in 2002, a slight drop from 2001.

Arab-American and Muslim advocates agreed that hate crimes dropped from 2001 to 2002, but they said these groups still suffer disproportionate discrimination because of the Sept. 11 attacks and the Iraq war.

Hate crimes against Jews still tops all other religious hate crimes combined!
In fact hate crimes against Muslims are about one-sixth the number of hate crimes against Jews in the country as reported by the the FBI in 2004:

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Hate crimes against Jews is still a very serious problem in this country.
If the media really felt strongly against hate crimes they would be mentioning this.

Powerline slams the media on this one.

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