To Counter "A Day of Rage" Make Friday a "Day of Reason"

To counter the raging protesters this Friday Michael Graham is proposing reason:

My question is, what day for Radical Arab Muslims is NOT a day of rage? Is there ever a “day of reasoned discourse?” or “day of open debate” or even “day of just hangin’ with our Hebrew homies?”

I say that we respond to the Muslim’s “Day Of Rage” by declaring Friday a “Day Of Reason.” Let’s get lots of people of different faiths, different races, sexes, etc. together and debate different ideas. Let’s agree, let’s disagree, let’s stridently disagree–and then NOT set anthing on fire, overturn any cars or shoot anyone!

Nothing angers this Islamist nitwits more than reason, so it will be a win-win. The more reasonable we are, the more rage they’ll have. It’s perfect!

Hat Tip Tommy

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