S.T.A.C.L.U. with G.P. on W.A.R.

Conservative WebRadio is Here and GP is a part of it!
Wide Awakes Radio (W.A.R.)

Check out the stellar line up and more information, HERE!

Today is going to be a special presentation on Wide Awakes from 4-6 CST!
You can tune in on your computer by clicking “Listen Live” on the W.A.R. homepage.

CALL IN LIVE 1-888-4-07-1776


Tonight: Jay Stephenson, the founder of Stop the ACLU will join us on the show.

Jay (or John) is one of the leading voices of conservatism in the blogosphere and is leading the charge against the ACLU and liberalism. Jay is out front leading a battle against the liberals who aim to strip this country of its religious foundation.

This ought to be a great show today
Hope you can tune in and call in.

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