Media Again Pushes Al Qaeda Lie on Menchaca & Tucker Slaughter

The Iraqi Al Qaeda Mujahidin Shura Council released another video today of the two American soldiers Thomas Tucker and Kristian Menchaca who were killed in battle earlier this year.

The latest video shows Al Qaeda mutilating their bodies and torching their corpses.

And… the media continues to push the Al Qaeda lie that the soldiers were slaughtered because of the rape and murder of Abeer Qassim Hamza, 15, and her family in a nearby town.
This is highly unlikely as reported in an earlier post:

The Mujahadin Shura Council did not mention the suspected rape/murder of the Iraqi woman in the message released on June 20 when the soldiers went missing. It was after the Western media reported the indictments of US soldiers for the rape/murder of an Iraqi woman that Al Qaeda used this as an excuse for the slaughter of our soldiers. And, the US media unquestioningly reprints this terrorist propaganda! Disgusting!

AllahPundit had this back on July 10:

It is questionable whether the soldiers were actually killed out of revenge. Iraqis around Mahmudiya, where the rape and murder took place, believed at the time that the girl and the other three victims — her younger sister and parents — were killed by other Iraqis in sectarian violence, according to the mayor of Mahmudiya and American military officials. The mayor said the possible involvement of American soldiers only became apparent on June 30, when the American military announced it had opened an investigation into the crime.

** The Jawa Report has links to the video that was released today by the Mujahidin Shura Council of Iraq .

Previously, Al Qaeda released video showing the mutilated bodies of our brave soldiers but that video also did not show the actual death of these soldiers.

If Al Qaeda would have tortured and killed these soldiers, surely we would have seen that video by now. Today’s video is further proof that the soldiers were most likely dead before these monsters could make an even worse propaganda tape.

It’s a good day to show this news clip again…
Where is the outrage?!

Posted on YouTube by BamaPachyderm

After the gruesome slaughter of these American heroes E.D. Hill from Fox & Friends correctly asks America, “Where is the outrage?”

“Where’s the outrage? Where are all of the editorial writers? Where are all of the politicians who had their PANTIES IN A BUNCH over Gitmo? Where are the Saudis?”

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