Huffington & the Left Say "So What" to Gassed Kurdish Children

Lord! What has become of this Godless Party?

What happened to make the Left so insensitive to pictures of gassed children in mother’s arms?

Kurdistan – The Other Iraq sent America a thank you earlier this year.
The people of Kurdistan thanked America for the freedom and democracy they now have in ads broadcast here in the states and paid for by the Kurdish government of Iraq.

Today, they are free from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. Today the Kurdish people get the last laugh as they witness the Butcher of Baghdad stand trial for genocide against the Kurdish people.


But, tragically, Arianna Huffington and the Left is unmoved!
Unmoved by genocide!

Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor Arianna Huffington nails down the democrats plan for defense… “To withdraw all troops from there and bring them home to guard our ports!”
Scr*w Iraq! Scr*w the MidEast! No more silly plans of “forced” democracy!

(I can’t help but wonder what blogger Lawk Salih or the brothers at Iraq the Model have to say about that?)

But, Arianna’s spot on O’Reilly will not be remembered for the Left’s wacky plans on defense because what she said next was even more outragous!

Representing her party, Arianna shows not a trace of empathy for the genocide for the Kurdish people of Iraq. This about sums it up…
“Who cares if Saddam gassed children?… I hate Bush!”

The Political Pit Bull (via AllahPundit)has the unbelievable video clip.

FYI: John Murtha, Pink Hawk, the Left’s answer to national defense, posted his latest “Cut and Run” letter up at The Huffington Post earlier today.
Blue Crab Boulevard has strong words for Murtha’s latest disgraceful act.

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