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Today, Iraqi-American patriot, Haider Ajina, will be on the air with the GP.

Haider is the Iraqi patriot who translates the good news and progress from Iraq and sends it out to the bloggers so that Americans get to see the other Iraq- the Iraq where progress is being made and where there is hope for a better tomorrow.


Today Haider will discuss the Iraqi security developments including the recent transfer of power of the 2nd province, Dhi Qar, to the Iraqi government. Haider may comment on the violence free Shia gathering last month of over a million worshippers. And, we may talk about Shiite leaders Ali Sistani and Al Sadr. If we have time we will touch on the latest Papal comments. Iraq, as many of you know, urged its people to refrain from violence and respect its minority Christians after the remarks by the Pope.

Today is going to be a special presentation on Wide Awakes from 4-6 CST!
You can tune in on your computer by clicking “Listen Live” on the W.A.R. homepage.

CALL IN LIVE 1-888-4-07-1776

This Afternoon:

This ought to be a great show today,
Hope you can tune in and call in.

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