Democrats Focus On What Is Important On 9-11 Anniversary

On the morning of September 11th, 2006…
Instead of honoring the memory of the solemn events 5 years ago, the DNC took this opportunity to attack the ABC movie depicting the events that lead up to 9/11.

You’ll notice in the upper right hand corner of the page there is a small link to “Action 58 – Honor The Memories of Those We Lost” – but when you visit that page you are redirected to sign an overtly partisan petition regarding catching Osama Bin Laden.

And… Harry Reid could not bite his tongue, either. He just had to attack the Bush Administration.

(The ACLU was right there with him!)


The DNC is still not interested in bringing together Americans to stand as a united front against the threat of terrorism – instead, they choose to capitalize on the tragedy by making more blatantly political assaults.
Sad and Just Wrong!

Dr. Sanity has more of the hatemongering!

Outside the Beltway has more of the reaction from the Left.

And… despite cat-calls from the audience, Congressman Jim Moran did some campaigning today.

Disturbingly Yellow notices that The Guardian has moved on to other stories.

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