Bill Clinton Naked and Unedited

The stains that will not wash away…
Dan Riehl has the unedited video!

Mike Austin shares his thoughts:

…What went through my mind while watching him was, “When will we be rid of this vulgar mountebank?”

This fellow simply refuses to leave us alone. We had to suffer him for eight years. I ask you, is not that enough? Has not this great Republic been sufficiently embarrassed in the eyes of the entire world? Has she not done abundant Pennance for the shameful act of raising him to high office? Do we really need more lies? More slanders? More smears? More scandals? More stained dresses?

Clinton reminds one of some loathsome and incurable venereal disease that keeps re-infecting the American body politic. He wants nothing for this nation but that she perform for him as Monica did.

What is it about Clinton and his fellow Democrats who refuse to grant us peace? There is the grim-faced and toothy Jimmy Carter, bouncing around the world and showing up all smiles at the door of every rancid little dictator. There is Al Gore, still unhinged at his “I couda been a contenda” loss in 2000, a cheap and puffy Rasputin going here and there to peddle his film about penguins in the desert.

Ouch! Much more scathing analysis HERE.

And, of course, there is always Ann Coulter.

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