Best Seller in Iraq- A Unity Symbol

Even in these uncertain times, over 90% of Iraqis want to see the establishment of a unity government.

An Iraqi shopkeeper shows a gold-plated pendant in the shape of Iraq’s map, in a market, in Baghdad, Thursday Aug.31, 2006. At a time when sectarian violence and squabbling between politicians are pushing the country toward an uncertain future, Iraqi women are literally wearing Iraq around their neck. Iraq’s map in gold and silver has become a best seller in jewelry stores. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Lawk Salih has the great reconstruction news from Iraq:

On Aug. 31, James Crum of the Iraq Project and Contracting Office released a statement on progress being made in Iraq’s reconstruction.

Throughout the past three years, “solid progress” has been made to rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure, according to Crum.
“All of Iraq’s industrial sectors – oil, water, electrical power, education, agriculture, buildings and facilities, and security – have benefited from the United States’ investment in their economic revitalization and reconstruction.”

Iraqi Oil

Substantial investments have been made in the entire oil infrastructure system to help provide long-term stability, such as improvements to oil wells, pipelines and oil-refinement facilities.

Iraqi Water and Sewage (Note the Murtha lie)

Since April 2003, completed U.S. projects have increased potable water availability in Iraq to an estimated 4.2 million additional residents; an estimated 5.1 million additional people have access to sewage treatment.

Iraqi Electricity (Note another Murtha lie)

U.S. projects have added or restored an estimated 2,700 Megawatts of electrical generation capacity to Iraq’s electrical grid. Peak electricity generation in Iraq is currently around 4,900 megawatts compared to an average of 4,300 in 2002.

“Power is more equitably distributed today, and on average Iraqis outside of Baghdad receive more hours of power than before the war,” Crum said.

“The residents around the country are receiving 12 to 14 hours of electricity, and those in and around Baghdad are receiving up to eight hours of electrical power during the summer’s high demand period.”

Iraqi Business and Employment

“One of the key elements that enables Iraq to stand on its own is a strong and growing workforce,”

Since 2003, there have been 30,000 new businesses created in Iraq – many of these are small businesses and micro-enterprises, according to Crum.

The agricultural sector shows the fastest job growth, “particularly date palms and wheat, which have become Iraq’s largest export crops.”

Don’t expect to see this good news on the front page of any American newspaper any time soon.

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