At Huffington Post- "Jesus Was Tortured at Abu Ghraib!"

Holy “Sweet Bearded Man of the Desert Religion and Book of Beheadings!”

I have heard it all!
Now, the Left is claiming that not only are terrorists freedom fighters, but Jesus, with his book dripping with blood and beheadings, also went through his own “Abu Ghraib!”

Another wacky classic by R. J. Eskow today at the Huffington Post:


You didn’t need to “profile” him to know he was suspicious – more suspicious than most of the prisoners that were seized and taken to that infamous prison.

His religion, his ethnicity, and his Middle Eastern name made him suspect from the start.

(Jesus was the victim of racial profiling)

Worse, he was an ardent follower of his desert religion, with its holy book full of blood crimes and beheadings. And he was an outspoken street speaker, part of a radical fringe that wanted the interlopers out of his country now.

(Hmm. -Missed that in Bible study.)

Then there was the matter of the guy who turned him in to the authorities. A lot of the folks being carted off to prison had been caught the same way, with a denunciation from a neighbor, a family member, or a business rival. Many of them had never been fingered at all. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

And this guy looked suspicious, with his crazy desert clothing and his long fanatic’s beard. He didn’t just challenge the foreign occupiers, either.

(Again, sorry I missed that teaching from the New Testament.)

He denounced leaders in his own religion who he felt had become too comfortable with those who wielded power…

They seized him one night and took him to a secret prison, where they beat and tortured him. They posed him in humiliating positions. The only reason they didn’t videotape and photograph the ritualized pain was that there weren’t any cameras around.

(Jesus in Abu Ghraib?… Somehow, I think 50 lashes tops naked pyramid, let alone a crucifixion, but that might just be me?)

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Oh, and in other strange delusional worlds today, the Pope is a Jew!
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Archontan has more thoughts on racism.

Update: Nutty and sensitive.

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