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Today is going to be a special presentation on Wide Awakes from 5-7 PM CST!
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Tonight: Lon Nordeen, Middle East expert on military and political history will be on the show. Lon is the author of:

Fighters Over Israel – “One of the few really great accounts of the Heyl Ha’Avir’s (Israeli Air Force)distinguished and colorful history.”


Phoenix Over the Nile – “Recounting the origins, operational history, and battle performance of an air force that stands as one of the most capable and combat-experienced in the world, the book provides for the first time the Egyptian military perspective on the Arab-Israeli wars.”

Lon has has studied the Middle East situation for years and offers his unique and somewhat moderate position on the current crisis.

Today Lon is going to give an unbiased analysis the current crisis and how it will affect Israel. I have already talked to Lon some and promise it will be a power-packed segment!

This ought to be a great show tonight.
Hope you can tune in and call in.

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