The Blog of War

The Blog of War
by Matthew Currier Burden

The book has not yet been released but you can order it now at Amazon.

I just recieved “The Blog of War” in the mail and am anxious to start on it. It is written by milbogger “Matt” at Blackfive one of the best and most popular milbloggers.

“His blog began as an homage to a friend killed on duty in Iraq and quickly became a source of information about what was really happening in Afghanistan and Iraq.”

Obviously, Matt and Blackfive have come a long way.


Check out what is being said about the book from Publishers Weekly:

A torrent of Internet blogs has poured from U.S. forces overseas, providing a unique view of our wars. Retired officer and blogger Burden does not claim this collection of extracts represents a cross section of what’s available, nor does he disguise his biases. All the officers in the book are competent; all the enlisted men and women are brave; and all the husbands love their wives and vice versa.

Every writer supports America’s war aims, admires the President, despises enemy fighters (generally referred to as terrorists) and holds a low opinion of Americans who oppose the war (generally referred to as liberals).

In The Blog of War Matt presents selections from some of the best of the military blogs.

This is the first real-time history of a war, a history written even as the war continues.
Cool, good for you, Matt!
This sounds like a great book!

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