Pretty in Code Pink, Did the Ladies Get Snubbed in Jordan?

Poor Cindy and the gals (and guy) from Code Pink…

…They traveled all the way to Amman, Jordan to meet with “high ranking Iraqi Parliamentarians,” but besides the couple of nuts on the Code Pink payroll, did any high ranking parliamentarians show up?

The delegation of Pink Peace-nuts included: Peace mom Cindy Sheehan, Retired Colonel Ann Wright, Iraq war veteran Geoffrey Millard, Politician/Writer Tom Hayden, and CODEPINK co-founders Medea Benjamin, Jodie Evans, Gael Murphy and Diane Wilson.

Here is more about the moonbat escape as posted at Code Pink:


The invitation from the Iraqi MPs comes after fasters were rebuffed in numerous attempts to meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during his visit to Washington last week, including setting up “Camp Al-Maliki” across from the Iraqi Embassy and publishing an open letter to him in one of the largest Iraqi newspapers. Faster and CODEPINK cofounder Medea Benjamin was arrested for disrupting al-Maliki’s address to Congress last Wednesday, saying loudly and repeatedly, “Iraqis want the troops to leave, bring them home now!” The parliamentarians, who expressed concern for fasters’ health and dismay at the Prime Minister’s dismissal of their repeated requests for a meeting, will travel to meet with the US delegation in Jordan on August 3. The Iraqi elected officials will brief the Americans on the Reconciliation Plan they have been working on at the Reconciliation Conference held in Cairo last week. With the increased violence between Israel and Lebanon, a part of the U.S. delegation will go on to Syria and Lebanon to bear witness to the suffering of innocent victims of war in the region.

What a bunch of crap!

Anyway, was all of this a big lie?
There doesn’t seem to be any reports of Iraqi Parliamentarians greeting them with peace flowers and chocolates.

Cindy Sheehan said so much in her crazy disjointed rant from yesterday.
…It sounds like the crazy doctor Cindy talks about in her letter is the same Baathist Saddam sympathizing doctor who traveled with Code Pink in March bashing the US occupation and preaching how things were “so much better under Saddam.”

Charles Johnson has more on the trip from the Jordan Times.

Oh well, it’s back to the US and on to Camp Casey!
There are speeches to be interrupted, dictatorships to be coddled and gas stations to be occupied!

Say Anything says this visit may be a direct violation of US law.

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